Congratulations to SEAREN

Congratulations to our partner organisation SEAREN who have been recognised as one of the Solar Impulse Foundation’s 1000+ solutions to change the world. The foundation has awarded an ‘Efficient Solution” label to SEAREN’s Vacuum AirLift™ Sustainable water treatment solution, stamping it as solution to protect the environment in a profitable way.

Emmanuel and the team at SEAREN are one of A-Culture’s group of 10 (G10) partners in the development of our own environmentally sustainable recirculating aquaculture system, the “OZRAS” Modular system. As one of our key providers of next generation aquaculture equipment, SEAREN’s technology will help A-Culture produce commercial volumes of premium quality fish such as Yellowtail kingfish in a clean green way. The “OZRAS” Modular system will also go one step further in environmental sustainability by using the wastewater from fish production to grow a methane-busting seaweed, Asparagopsis, which as a feed supplement can slash livestock greenhouse gas emissions.

SEAREN  ( is our only US based G10 member with the other 9 being based here in Australia. In coming posts, I will share more of the exciting work our G10 members are doing and how they play an important role in the development of the OZRAS system.

Visit our website ( to find more about our OZRAS system and its development at our inland aquaculture park at Waikerie in the Riverland.