A-Culture’s custom designed production system (OZRAS) is a modular intensive indoor water RAS with low water discharge. The system is based on the efficient filtering and recirculation of water in the grow out tanks. The almost closed system will minimise the need for a continuous fresh supply of saline water while at the same time conserving energy costs.

The unique design features incorporated in the water filtration system enhance the efficiency of the system and differ significantly from conventional RAS. In a review of aquaculture system technologies published in 2014 by the aquaculture faculty of Stirling University, Scotland, two factors identified as challenging the viability of RAS’s were the high cost of construction and the high cost of power to pump and recycle water.

When developing the OZRAS system the A-Culture team has addressed these challenges through novel tank design and unique features of the filtration system which together lower the systems demand for power. Our intention is to be self sufficient with all power generated from our custom designed solar system and  battery system, with generators on hand should they ever be required.

  • Saline Water

    The system utilises saline water directly from the production site.

  • Custom Designed

    Achieves more efficient filtering and recirculation of water.

  • Power Usage

    The system uses less power and can operate using green power sources.

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