The Waikerie Project is environmentally unique, and from day one has been designed with sustainability and the environment top of mind. It is rare to find a project that stacks up commercially, provides economic benefits for its region, and is also environmentally friendly. The Waikerie Project ticks all of these boxes.

  • Saline Water

    Utilising a local natural resource.

  • Lower Power Usage

    A benefit of OZRAS.

  • Asparagopsis seaweed

    Grown from waste water.

Saline Water


Salination of water and land along the River Murray has been adversely affecting agricultural production, drinking water, irrigation, and aquatic biodiversity. Utilising saline water from the vast local underground aquifer, will provide the perfect environment for production and reduce the saline water’s negative impact on the local environment.


The project’s custom designed production system (OZRAS) addresses the traditional issue of high energy usage when managing an aquaculture environment. It’s unique design conserves energy usage and all power will be generated from our custom designed solar system. Power will be stored in batteries and generators will be on hand should they ever be required.


A-Culture’s partnership with CH4 Global is a great example of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA). The waste created by the farmed fish will be used on site to grow Asparagopsis seaweed, which when fed to cattle, can reduce greenhouse the gas emissions from cow burps by as much as 90 per cent.

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