BONDOR Australia Joins A-Culture’s Exclusive G10: Rethinking aquaculture in harsh Australian conditions

When A-Culture was trying to find the right building products for our OZRAS Modular aquaculture system, one issue we faced was how to create a facility that could withstand Australia’s extreme weather conditions. From scorching summer days over 45 degrees Celsius to freezing winter nights, maintaining a stable internal temperature throughout the year is a challenge, but one A-Culture is able to meet thanks to our partnership with Bondor Australia.

Barry Fitzharris, State Manager of Bondor SA commented, “It is a privilege to be afforded this opportunity to be part of this exciting process, and to partner with a leading edge organisation like A-Culture. With sustainability, quality and performance objectives in common, Bondor hope to assist A-Culture in delivering this amazing project and more in the future.”

Bondor Australia’s thermal sandwich building panels will allow us to develop a facility with stable internal temperatures throughout the year. This collaboration has led to Bondor becoming one of A-Culture’s exclusive G10 members, marking an exciting milestone for both companies. With over 65 years of experience, Bondor is a leading manufacturer of insulated panels in Australia. They offer technical expertise, high-quality products, and comprehensive support throughout the construction process. Their products are rigorously tested and designed for harsh Australian conditions.

Bondor’s comprehensive range of thermal building solutions and lightweight architectural panels will help ensure our fish stay warm in winter and cool in summer. The partnership between A-Culture and Bondor Australia beings together two companies that are focused on expertise and innovation.

Together, A-Culture and Bondor are poised to reshape the aquaculture industry, creating facilities that can withstand the harshest weather conditions while providing optimal conditions for fish growth all year round.