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BONDOR Australia Joins A-Culture’s Exclusive G10: Rethinking aquaculture in harsh Australian conditions

When A-Culture was trying to find the right building products for our OZRAS Modular aquaculture system, one issue we faced was how to create a facility that could withstand Australia’s extreme weather conditions. From scorching summer days over 45 degrees Celsius to freezing winter nights, maintaining a stable internal temperature throughout the year is a challenge, […]

Amber Kinetics Partnership

A-Culture Partners with Amber Kinetics to Boost Sustainability and Energy Independence Energy is one of the largest costs of running a Recirculating Aquaculture System, but A-Culture has taken another significant step towards achieving energy independence and reducing reliance on the grid by entering a partnership with Amber Kinetics. Amber Kinetics specializes in flywheel technology that […]

Waikerie Site Visit

The A-Culture team recently visited our Waikerie site to do some maintenance and make improvements in readiness for an upcoming visit by potential investors. The clear, cloudless 37 degree day highlighted the huge potential for solar and wind energy to be integrated into the site. This will allow A-Culture to be as off-grid as possible […]

Beyond Ink Official appointment

A-Culture is proud to announce the official engagement of Beyond Ink as our Project Architects for the development of our Waikerie aquaculture project. Beyond Ink’s Principle Director, John Ashcroft, has had a working relationship with A-Culture CEO John Henderson’s building firm over 25 years, working together on the successful completion of many Adelaide Hills Projects. […]

Three Mega Trends

Three mega trends are shaping the business environment for the seafood industry World population is growing Increasing demand for sustainable protein Trend to more piscivorous diet Consumer preferences are changing Consumers want full traceability. Digitization amplifies this trend. Consumers demand for animal health and well-being Consumers demand healthy food Resources are become scarcer Turn aquaculture […]

How do you grow seaweed away from the ocean?

It has been over 18 months since we first discussed the idea of growing the climate change fighting Asparagopsis seaweed at our farm site at Waikerie, some 150kms from the nearest ocean. Since that first meeting with Adam Main the General Manager of CH4 South Australia we have been working hand in hand with CH4 […]

Ferguson Partnership

A-Culture secures fish distribution partner Ferguson Australia A-Culture Holding Pty Ltd is excited to announce a newly formed Partnership with Ferguson Australia who will become the exclusive and sole distributor of A-Culture grown seafood. As a third generation South Australian family run seafood business, Ferguson Australia were the obvious choice to partner with A-Culture’s to help […]

CH4 Global Partnership

Forget fish and chips, fish and seaweed are the ideal combination. While most of us might be more familiar with the combination of fish and chips, it is the combination of fish and seaweed that could help move us towards a more sustainable future. South Australian aquaculture company A-Culture, is on a mission to create an […]


A-Culture move one step closer with Wiley (The Project Delivery Company) collaboration. The food industry is changing rapidly, and nobody knows food production like Wiley. Since 1918, the family-owned company has built a reputation for successfully delivering complex food facilities. When we were looking for a partner to help us design, engineer and construct our […]


Poo is one of those subjects few people spend much time thinking about, but it can’t be ignored.  In my aquaculture textbooks it’s defined as “metabolic wastes discharged from an aquatic animal in the form of faeces”. Solid waste, poo, excreta, whatever you want to call it, is one of the wastes that must be responsibly […]