Oysters are one of the most highly values seafoods products but the industry has been devastated by Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome which can kill up to 100 per cent of cultivated oysters within days of infection. A-culture and SEAPA have joined forces to try and solve this problem by developing an alternative way to grow oysters, in a controlled disease free environment.

Using A-Culture’s land-based aquaculture system OZRAS, the oysters may be grown with ground water, providing supply all year round, free from Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome. One of the first of ten collaborators forming the G10, SEAPA has been working with A-Culture
since mid 2019. SEAPA’s products have changed the nature of oyster farming in Australia and around the world by giving farmers more control over how their oysters grow, driving greater efficiency and producing higher quality oysters.

The SEAPA product range has been developed in collaboration with oyster farmers who have provided invaluable input into the design and use of the system. “We really see the farmers that use our products as our partners in the design of the system” states Andy Will, Group General Manager, “we wouldn’t be able to develop the products we do without their input; we can’t thank our customers in Australia and around the world enough”.

SEAPA was honoured to be awarded both the Agribusiness Award and the Australian Exporter of the Year award at the Australian Export Awards in Canberra in 2018. SEAPA is celebrating over 20 years of manufacturing the world’s most innovative oyster farming systems. Since 2001, SEAPA has been exporting its range of products manufactured in Adelaide. In 2017/18, 75 percent of SEAPA’s revenue came from international markets and strong international growth is expected to continue as there are no signs of slowing in the global demand for high-quality oysters.

Recently, A-Culture as part of the Fin fish OZRAS, added seaweed to their production. Utilising waste water generated from the finfish, SEAPA were able to provide from their existing oyster system certain parts that now forms an instigate part of seaweed production system.