What can Baleen whales teach us about aquaculture?

Baleen Whales use a combination of a sweeping action of the tongue and reverse water flows to enable them to sustainably capture and strain food through their baleen when feeding.

This technique was adapted by Adelaide based filter manufacturer Baleen filters who join A-culture as a Group of 10 (G10) partner in the development of OZRAS recirculating aquaculture system. A-Culture was quick to recognise that the award winning Baleen filters have immense potential in the Aquaculture industry and their innovative technology will form an intricate part of the OZRAS System.

Baleen Filters will also allow the OZRAS system to be flexible enough to generate a waste water mix that can be used for the growth of Asparagopsis seaweed. Producing this high-quality seaweed for CH4 Global will assist them in their urgent mission to slash methane emissions from ruminant livestock.

CH4 Global has their own link to Baleen Filters as their CEO Steve Meller had previously held a position on their advisory board for targeting expansion opportunities.
Baleen Filters, headed by Yuri Obst, have been designing and building water filtration systems over the past 23 years. Their broad client portfolio confirms Baleen filters are a proven technology with more than 200 installations across the water sector internationally. Yuri has provided invaluable assistance in the evolution of OZRAS.
A-Culture prides its self in seeking out talented Australian companies as partners in the development of OZRAS System.